Half Life [On Tour]

A lamentation of fierce urgency, the latest multimedia production from Cloud Eye Control is an imagistic, visceral work inspired by the nervous fear felt in the wake the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Half Life explores the psychological fallout of global disaster, and how it affects our emotions and imaginations. The Los Angeles-based collaborators— Miwa Matreyek, Anna Oxygen, and Chi-wang Yang —bring their signature mix of projected animation, live performance and music to summon the unseeable forces that govern our collective sense of personal safety and control.

Performers:  A-ko:  Jenny Greer
                    B-ko:  Sara Sinclair Gomez

Performance History [2015]

  • REDCAT, Los Angeles [World Premiere]
  • New Genre Art Festival, Tulsa
  • FirstWorks, Providence [Upcoming, Nov 21, 2015]

For touring and presentation inquiries, please contact:

Miranda Wright
Los Angeles Performance Practice