As a mezzo-soprano who has thrived in typically beautiful musical settings, Sara Sinclair Gomez performs repertoire ranging from opera to chamber works, from the traditional to the avant-garde, with the majority of her work focusing on the performance of newly written and emerging music. She has performed 20th and 21st classics such as Circles by Luciano Berio and From the Grammar of Dreams by Kaija Saariaho. As a creative artist, her interests include challenging beauty and developing the innate friction, disturbance, and ugliness within.

The voice is the point of reference that all humans share and while some feel compelled to unite their voices in a common chant, Sara is dedicated to forging new paths. “Extended vocal technique” has spawned her study of extended sound technique which surpasses the limits of the voice by incorporating cutting edge technology and innovative performance.

As an orchestrator of collaboration, Sara seeks dissonance between the aesthetics of different participating artists. Taking cues from sources as disparate as Björk and Cathy Berberian, she strives to create a sonic experience that challenges vocal boundaries, mechanization, aesthetic environment, and most importantly—interpersonal musical collaboration. Looking to surrealist painters and modernist poets who inspire archetypal symbols throughout her artistic vision, Sara generates meaning through the synthesis of word, sound, abstraction, and metaphysical communication.

With a background in art, movement and theatre, Sara emphasizes the visual nature of performance. When delivering a narrative, concepts are based on immersion—all aspects of the performance have equal weight, creating a ritualistic environment for all the senses.